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Sweet Moments

December 3, 2008

My daughter is still relatively little, 4 1/2, and while the whining has reached new levels (and pitches, God help me), she still has that sweet toddler affect.  She is easy to laugh and has a fabulous sense of humor, and can hold her own with her two older brothers, and still calls Costco “Cosmo”.  However, unlike her mother, she is a “morning person,” and is up at the crack-of-freaking-dawn.  And in the winter, before dawn.  Like between 5:30 and 6:00 am.  She has learned the hard way not to wake up her brothers, and she is finally learning to entertain herself in her room until someone else gets up.

But on these cold winter mornings, she sometimes quietly crawls into my side of the bed and puts her little hand on my face and her little head in the curve of my neck and I ache with both joy and sadness, enjoying the moment and yet knowing it is fleeting.  Sometimes she goes back to sleep, and we both sleep on our sides, and I can feel her little tush in the curve of my back and I think of my 8 year old and my 10 year old and how they don’t fit in the curve of my back anymore and how it all just goes so fast.

I have to remember these moments when they are throwing legos at each other and she bites someone 🙂