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Grandpas Gone Wild

March 10, 2010

My dad has a “thing” about making cakes for my kids’ birthdays.  Here is the cake he made for my Everything Barbie daughter, who turns 6 today.  How he’s getting it to my house for dinner tonight is beyond me.

Cake Barbie

Ignore the plastic wrap on her head – it’s protecting her hair from the frosting.  Makes for a creepy picture though 🙂


Saba’s a Useful Guy

May 30, 2009

Joshua relayed the following conversation he had with our second son Asher, 8 1/2.  They were talking about David Cook’s brother who died of brain cancer.  Joshua said that some people recover from cancer, and some people don’t.  My father (Saba) had cancer when Asher was born, and thank God is still here with us today.  He is very involved with his grandchildren and loves to do hands-on projects with them, and he and Asher built a birdhouse for our yard a number of years ago.  He also fixes just about everything that breaks in our house.

Josh: Some people die, and some people recover.  Like Saba.  He had cancer, but he recovered and does not have any more cancer.

Asher:  That’s good.  He’s a useful guy.