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Why I Should Try to Put My Undergarments Away As Soon As They Come Out of the Dryer

May 27, 2009

Shayna, walking around in nothing but her underwear and MY BRA:

“Look boys, I’ve got gigantic bobbies!”

Asher, laughing hard, “They’re GINORMOUS!”

Lev, also laughing hard, “They’re not bobbies, they’re boobies.”

Me, trying not to laugh.  Unsuccessfully, I might add: “Ok, they’re called breasts, and that is my bra and please put it back in the laundry basket.  You can prance around in your own bra when you have one.”

Um, whoops.  Did I just say that?  Ok, so I realize what I have just said and I am now laughing so hard I snort, and all 3 kids are doubled over they are laughing so hard.  I quickly try to correct myself:

“What I meant was you can WEAR your own bra when you’re old enough.  It’s probably not a good idea to prance around in anybody’s bra however old you are.”

Asher: “But you prance around in front of Abba.”

Excuse me, WHAT?

Asher: “When you’re getting dressed in the morning, both of you are in your underwear at the same time.”

Me: “Ok, that’s different.  We’re married and share a bedroom and we get dressed at the same time, so that’s ok.”

Lev: “Would it be ok if Abba pranced around in your bra?”

Resistance is futile.