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OMG This Might Kill Me

September 8, 2009

Oh lord the DRAMA.  middle schooler is home “sick” with stomach aches, etc.  Since it is the beginning of this 3 year odyssey I let him stay home, and we just spent 45 minutes organizing his subjects and going through notebooks.  He (like his mother) gets totally overwhelmed with big projects and his brain just goes kablooey.  So I showed him how I break up projects into manageable tasks and map them out on a calendar with the due date highlighted, etc.

We are super hands-off about homework; if you’re capbable of doing it on your own, you do.  And if you don’t, it’s not my problem.  It’s yours.  We don’t deal with teachers about homework, our kids do.  We don’t stand over them each night saying, “Did you do math?  What about science?”  We have assessed that they’re capable of being responsible, so we expect it of them.

This is different.  He is clearly not getting the skills at school he needs to help him learn how to organize himself, so this is something I can help with at home.  We’ll see how it goes.  That, and deep breathing.  Or margaritas.  Whatever 😉


Middle School: so NOT the time of our lives

September 8, 2009

Oh man is my oldest stressed out.  The transition to middle school has not gone smoothly.  He’ll be fine – so fine – but convincing him of this has been futile.  He’s an emotional person to begin with, and has trouble not taking things personally.  We’re working on that.  I think I should have my own TV reality show: Dr. Mom: Non-Licensed Therepist Here’s to Hoping it All Turns Out Ok in the End.

It’s Going to be a Long Year

August 27, 2009

Lev, a brand-new middle schooler, got slammed on the second day.  More than an hour of homework – and that was just the general studies.  Hebrew/Judaics was another half hour or so.  We knew this was coming, and the school prepared the kids at the end of 5th grade for the onslaught, but it was still a shock to the system.  The melt-down was spectacular.  Lev is an emotional person in general, and the drama was worthy of a daytime emmy.  On the second freaking day.  Day three was much better (less homework).  We’ll see how today goes.  I feel really bad for him because he is a responsible kid who works his skinny little butt off.

I don’t really fault the school, I have to say.  I know how much pressure they’re under from the state and from f-ed up parents who demand that their kids’ acceptance to pick-an-Ivy-League be practically guarunteed.  I know many of the teachers personally through my work, and they truly care about the students and their well-being, in addition to being stellar educators.  They are just between a rock and a hard place, and thusly so are the kids.

It’s going to be a long. freaking. year.