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Tinkerbelle, Indiana Jones & The Red Dragon Ninja

November 4, 2009

We’re an eclectic family 🙂

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This Is a Test – Lev, Can You Find Me?

September 25, 2009

My eldest just discovered I have a blog.  I’m waiting to see how long it takes him to find me.  This should be fun!  I’ll keep this post sticky on the top to make it easy to see when it’s updated!

Lev, when you find this blog, introduce yourself by commenting on this post.  Love Ya! —The Mominator


Score!  He found me!  4 days . . . not bad!  Hey, maybe he’ll write a post or two!

It’s Going to be a Long Year

August 27, 2009

Lev, a brand-new middle schooler, got slammed on the second day.  More than an hour of homework – and that was just the general studies.  Hebrew/Judaics was another half hour or so.  We knew this was coming, and the school prepared the kids at the end of 5th grade for the onslaught, but it was still a shock to the system.  The melt-down was spectacular.  Lev is an emotional person in general, and the drama was worthy of a daytime emmy.  On the second freaking day.  Day three was much better (less homework).  We’ll see how today goes.  I feel really bad for him because he is a responsible kid who works his skinny little butt off.

I don’t really fault the school, I have to say.  I know how much pressure they’re under from the state and from f-ed up parents who demand that their kids’ acceptance to pick-an-Ivy-League be practically guarunteed.  I know many of the teachers personally through my work, and they truly care about the students and their well-being, in addition to being stellar educators.  They are just between a rock and a hard place, and thusly so are the kids.

It’s going to be a long. freaking. year.

Overheard This Morning

July 6, 2009

Shayna is walking around the house, in her underwear, pushing her doll stroller with the doll in it (upside down, of course), singing to herself.

“My brother-er-ers helped me get orange juice this morning, this morning, this morning.  oh yea-ah.  one of them likes thunder a-and one of them doesn’t.  oh yea-ah oh yea-ah.  we are going to the pool later, Baby Jordan [the doll], a-and Savta’s coming, she’s coming ’round the mountain to go to Purvis Park with u-u-us.”

Boys from the family room:  “Shayna!  We’re watching Wimbledon!  Be quiet!”



Ah, sibling love 😉

Repost: Proud Parenting Moments

April 28, 2009


So we were in Target the other day, and a large crowd of women in black burkas came into the store with their children. These were the very traditional burkas, covering the women from head to toe with just their eyes showing. I thought, “Great! An opportunity to share cultural and religious differences and promote tolerance with my kids!”

Both boys promptly shouted,  loudly, “Mom! Look at the ninjas!”

My cup runeth over.

You Need Duct Tape, String . . . Hey, Where’s Your Sister?

April 2, 2009

My eldest son and his friend came running down the stairs this afternoon, out of breath and very intent. Here is the conversation:

Son & Friend: Mom! Mom! Quick! We need duct tape and string!

Me: You do?

S&F: Yes! Hurry!

Me: Um, where’s your sister?

(quick glances between the two boys)

S&F: Playing with us.

Me: Really? So what do you need the duct tape and string for?

S&F: Well, we’re making a clubhouse. We need the duct tape to tape the towel to the doorway of the cubby (a small space in boys’ room).

Me: And the string?

(more glances back and forth)

S&F: Weeeelllll . . .

Me: Yes?

S&F: Weeelllll, every clubhouse has to have a dog, and Shayna is going to be the dog. We are going to tie her to the pretend tree we made out of the coat rack.

Me: Um, gee, I don’t think she’s going to like that too much. How about just the duct tape for the towel?

S&F: Ok! But what will we do if the dog gets loose and runs away?

Me: Make sure you have some snacks. I’m sure she’ll stay in your clubhouse if you feed her.

S&F: GOOD IDEA! Let’s get some popcorn!

(playdate continues with no casualties)

Semantics, Mom.

February 1, 2009

Screaming and yelling upstairs.  I finally go up, where I see a large wood block flying.  Lev (10) is holding his head and Shayna (4 1/2) is crying.

Me: “Um, what’s going on?”

Lev: “Shayna hurt her head on my teeth!” said with total seriousness

Me: “Seriously? You did not just say that.  Shayna, did you throw a block at him?”

Shayna: “No, mom, it flied over there.” said with total seriousness

Me: “You guys are too much.  Work it out yourselves and try not to end up in the ER.”


November 9, 2008

Overheard in the Caruso house while Lev was having a huge hissy fit upstairs:

Abba to Asher who was sitting in the living room: “So, not a good time to go upstairs, huh.”

Asher: “Yeah, but, you know, he’s my brother and I respect him.”

Lice . . . Good Times.

October 17, 2008

Oldest Son, 10, totally hysterical: “OH MY GOD!  There are bugs in my hair?  OH MY GOD!  I’m freaking out get them out of my hair OH MY GOD I’m freaking out get them out of my hair now!!!!!

Second Son, 8, also rather hysterical: “OH MY GOD EWWW oh no will we have to shave my head???? I don’t want to shave my head no no no!!!”

Daughter, 4/2, laughing: “OH MY GOODNESS!!! This is SO COOL!  I have BUGS in my hair Mommy!!  I can’t wait to tell Morah Julie [pre-k teacher] about my bugs!!! I’m going to name them!”

I couldn’t make this shit up.