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Why I Love Watching Movies With My Kids

May 17, 2008

Movie Night, PART I

Dr. Emmett Brown [Back to the Future]: “Oh, Sh*t!”

4 year old daughter, laughing: “Oh, Sh*t!”

Me and Josh: “Oh, Sh*t.”


Movie Night, PART II

Dr. Emmett Brown, to Marty McFly: “Great Scott!”

4 year old daughter: “That’s NOT Scott. That’s Marty. Doesn’t he know that already?”


Movie Night, PART III

Marty McFly: “Son of a b*tch!”

4 year old daughter: “Who’s his mommy?  Who’s b*tch?”


In retrospect, not the best movie choice for her.

Can’t wait to hear what she shares with her friends at preschool 🙂