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The Hills are Alive . . .

September 14, 2008

Our eldest child, Lev,  has earned the part of “Friedrich”, the second oldest child of Captain Von Trapp in the musical, The Sound of Music!  He is very excited as are we.  So we borrowed it from the library this weekend so the kids could see it, and I forgot how looooooooooooong it is 🙂  I also realized I had to provide some history background on the Germans, who they were, and why Captain Von Trapp was not fond of them.  Julie Andrews was, of course, spectacular.  And I realized at some point during the movie, that this is Mary Poppins, just in Austria.

The boys were actually much more interested in the story itself, and not so much in the actual movie.  Some kissing, you know.  Asher informed me he has a “kissing radar” and is able to detect precisely the moment before a kiss, and aptly warn his brother.  At which time both of them cover their eyes and stick their head under the covers.  Asher also did not like the scenes where the Nazis chase the Von Trapp family.  To him it was quite a scary scene and he was not a happy camper (more under the covers time velcroed to my leg).  Then again, this is not a surprise, as this is the child who has seen The Princess Bride 100 times and still leaves the room during the fire swamp scene.  Can’t seem to abide the ROUS 🙂

ANYHOO, I realized how NOT Maria/Mary Poppins I am.  Sometimes I think it would be easier if I just gave it up and sang all the time and worked hard to make everyone feel loved, secure, and happy.  I’d wake every morning and sew darling outfits out of drapes, and we’d go on picnics and sing in perfect harmony, waiting for the moment when worshiped Father arrives back from his long business trip.

Yeah, riiiiiiiight.

If my kids have underwear actually clean and in their drawers, it is a good day.  If we are NOT all sharing the last towel in the house because I forgot to move the clean ones from the washer to the dryer, hey!  A Victory!  And if Josh doesn’t come home to at least one tantrum-throwing-child, well, then we’re off our game.  Oh, and someone stepping on a hairball.  Barefoot.  Now there’s the Caruso Family Welcome 😉  Doesn’t it make you want to visit?

We’ll leave the light on for you.

Oh, and the towel is hanging in the kids’ bathroom.  Should be dry by now.