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Things I Learned One Weekend

April 7, 2009


  1. If one leaves 3 wet bathingsuits wrapped up in 3 wet towels inside a bag inside the car for 4 days during well below 20-degree temperatures, it freezes into one big ball.  This ball of frozen swim wear does, in fact, fit through the hole of a front-loading washer.
  2. Little People figures do not survive a “sauna” in the microwave.
  3. Toddlers do not like it when the microwave is moved out of their reach.  This makes them mad, and causes them to exhibit loud and agitated-hyenea-like behavoirs.
  4. Little People figures also do not survive a “tanning session” in an Easy-Bake Oven belonging to older siblings.
  5. Older siblings, strangely, do not liked to be locked in their room until they are 60.