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No, Shit, Really? Part I

March 1, 2010

Actual conversation my friend had with her son’s school choir director:

A: So, my son called me on my cell phone at lunch to tell me there is a choir concert TONIGHT at 7:30.  Did I miss a flyer?

CD: No, I didn’t send one home.

A: Ah, did I miss the phone call?

CD: No, I didn’t call, I sent an email.

A: Oh.  I definitely did not get an email.

CD: Well, I can’t help it if not everyone checks their email.

A: Oh, I check my email.  I have a Blackberry.  My email checks me.  I for sure did not get an email.  Are you sure I am on your list?

CD: No.

A: Um, so how do know if the email got sent to me?

CD: I don’t.