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I Love Having 5 Kids

March 5, 2009

My favorite thing about having 5 kids in the house (my 3 + my niece and nephew) is that once 2 of them go home I think, “Gee, it’s pretty quiet here.  I only have 3 kids in the house.”

It’s just one hilarious moment after another here.  The girls are dressed to the hilt in the play princess dresses and veils and shoes and handbags, etc, and they come upstairs from the basement playroom and tell me they’re having a wedding.

I say, “Who’s the kallah [bride]?”  My niece says, “We’re both the kallahs.”

I say, “Who’s the chossen [groom]?”  The girls look at each other and shrug.

My niece says, “There isn’t a chossen.  We’re just marrying each other.”

I choke down a laugh and say, “Who’s the rabbi?”

My nephew, 2 1/2 comes trailing along behind holding a Sports Illustrated magazine like an open book and says, “I da rabbi, I da rabbi.”