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What Are Little Boys Made Of?

April 2, 2009

boys I love having boys (the boys in the picture are not mine; random photo from google images. do they look  like mine? where are the bags over their heads?).

I love that my life not anything close to boring. Who else would think of using a squirt toy to shoot lemonade all the way down the clothes shute from the top of the 2nd floor just to see if the open mouth waiting at the other end of the shute in the basement would receive a thirst quenching shpritz, or get creamed in the eye?

I love that when one night at dinner I jokingly suggested to Josh that we put a rock-climbing wall in the living room during the winter months, my eldest chimed in with this comment: “YES! Great idea! and we can even get one that matches the new color you put on the walls! WAIT! What about the couches? We’d have to move those.” His brother chimed in with: “Oh, no WAIT! We can use them to catch us if we fall.”

I love that boy ingenuity, so beautifully captured in the moment when my sons were in the back yard using the baby’s bouncy seats to catapult rocks at one another (we have several bouncy seats), and when they kept hitting each other in the head and getting hurt, I kindly suggested they pick another activity. A little while later I looked back outside, and there they were . . .

. . . wearing helmets.

I love that even the suggestion of any kind of bodily function elicits hysterical belly-laughs. I love that to make their sister laugh that way they burp the alphabet.

I love the boy energy that often frustrates their insensitive teachers, but will one day give them the stamina to do whatever they want in life.

I love that they karate chop each other every 5 minutes, but are so careful to hold the head and neck of their newborn boy cousin, while in the cutest sing-songy-baby voices describe to him how to one day karate chop his older sister.

I am so grateful to have healthy children of any gender.  Having sons who have taught me so much about patience, grace and ingenuity under pressure, and how to embrace life with the unbridled excitement of a child who has just discovered a snake can eat a bunny in one whole bite, is truly an expression of the Divine.



November 9, 2008

Overheard in the Caruso house while Lev was having a huge hissy fit upstairs:

Abba to Asher who was sitting in the living room: “So, not a good time to go upstairs, huh.”

Asher: “Yeah, but, you know, he’s my brother and I respect him.”