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Um, How Many Pickles Was That?

January 6, 2008

Our hilarious second child was not feeling well around dinner time last night. He went upstairs to use the bathroom, and was gone for a while. I went to check on him to find him covered in, well, barf. I immediately grabbed some towels and a bucket and was making a fuss over him. He was very calm. He said, “I’m ok Mommy. I feel much better now. And I thought I ate more pickles at lunch than Lev, and I was right! You can count them! 8 pickles!”

Gotta love this kid.


The Middle Child Gets Screwed

December 18, 2007

. . . so this post is dedicated to him!

#1 and #3 are sick puppies, so he got less than bapkes after school today (in between his brother and his sister throwing up both alternately and simultaneously, he held up his Hebrew reading book and said, “Hellooooo? Who’s going to read my Ariyot with me? Anyone? Anyone? Oh, Mom there’s some barf on your left foot . . . I just said ‘barf’ hahahahahah!”

3 Reasons I Love My Second Child:

1. He is the most fun-loving, easy-going person I know – he doesn’t just look at life, he LIVES it.

2. Just saying the words “Barf Bag” make him laugh so hard he snarfs.

3. His heart is so generous and big and just looking at him makes me smile and get misty-eyed even when he is PURPOSELY making himself snarf.

Hey Smasher, even though you don’t have enough internet access to read this, I love you and I love being your Unkey’s Munkle and I’ll save this post for you so that when you inevitably figure out how to get around the parent controls we have set up on the computer you have something appropriate to read 🙂