Limerick Discipline

February 10, 2010

The boys were fooling around during dinner and being generally obnoxious.  Lev started it by repeating some choice limericks he’d heard at school.  It deteriorated rapidly into a contest to see who could come up with the most a) disgusting, b) inappropriate or c) irritating limerick.  They also seemed to be having hearing trouble when we asked them to stop and clean up after themselves.

Here’s the one I sent them in an email after dinner:

there once were 2 boys named Asher and Lev
they never did what their parents said
so on Tuesday night,
even though they put up a fight,
instead of American Idol they went to bed.

Since they check their email as often as I do, it was not surprising that I came downstairs 15 minutes later to a very clean kitchen and neatly organized homework area.  Who knew I’d be using skills I learned in high school for this?  Mrs. Dusenbury would be proud.  Or nauseated, I’m not sure which.


Supersize Me

February 9, 2010

The kids and I watched Supersize Me yesterday, for a few reasons I don’t have time to go into.  More about that later.  About 2/3 of the way through the movie, Asher gets up and says, “I’m going to go eat some vegetables now” and heads into the kitchen where he takes a whole red pepper and just bites into it like an apple, finishing it off like he hadn’t eaten in days.  I nearly fell off the couch laughing!


January 21, 2010

I’m going through some sort of weird blogging slump.  Ironically, I’m doing a ton of writing for actual projects, and I think it leaves me too drained to write for this.  I’ll be back.

Wow. What is Wrong With This?

January 13, 2010

This is messed up.  Good Lord.  The child is 4 years old.  Who cares how long his hair is?

Please Say Some Prayers

November 28, 2009

Please go to this woman’s site and leave a prayer or a message for her and her family.  They just lost their daughter.


AMEN, as usual

November 25, 2009

Raising a Free Range Kid, on

Reading Round-Up

November 23, 2009

Found a number of interesting posts I’d like to share:

Parenting in the Age of Paranoia: a Small Manifesto

The Real Secret of Feminism

Enjoy.  Feel free to share your thoughts here!

Barbie Update

November 17, 2009

We have lifted the moratorium on Barbie.  There were several factors, and one of the biggest was kindergarten peer pressure.  Yep.  You read that right.  We just decided our discomfort with Barbie was not worth the tears and stress our daughter experienced over not having some of the same toys as other girls in her class.  Now before some of you go postal on me, let me say: its Barbie.  Not a crack pipe.  We feel that some level of “what everyone else is doing” is actually important to their social lives.  They need to be conversant in certain things like sports, tv shows, music and, yes, Barbie in order to function in their social world.  Just like adults.

Before you cry, “That’s insane!  Adults don’t have to conform!”  I have a friend who loathes sports, thinks most of them are barbaric, and yet knew he needed to keep up with at least 2 major sports (he chose baseball and college basketball) to have conversations with people in his office in order to maintain effective working relationships.  He also knew he had to take up golf because the reality is much of the business he is successful at gets done on the golf course.  Ridiculous?  Of course.  But reality.

Sounds like a crazy parallel, but in reality it is the same thing as my daughter needing to be conversant in Barbie.  Again, we’re not handing her a crack pipe or even a Wii or Nintendo DS.  We aren’t going to give in to her every whim every time she whines about “what everyone else has.”  But Barbie wasn’t a big enough deal for us to take a philosophical stand, like with, say hooker dolls Bratz.

Ok, bring it on.  What are your thoughts?


This is So Sad

November 17, 2009

This seriously makes me want to cry.  Bless this girl’s parents.

Tinkerbelle, Indiana Jones & The Red Dragon Ninja

November 4, 2009

We’re an eclectic family 🙂

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