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Pimp My Minivan

February 26, 2010

The Mom version of “Pimp My Ride.”  Sadly, I can relate more than I care to admit!  Enjoy 🙂



January 21, 2010

I’m going through some sort of weird blogging slump.  Ironically, I’m doing a ton of writing for actual projects, and I think it leaves me too drained to write for this.  I’ll be back.

National Blog Posting Month

November 2, 2009

While I’m already one day behind, I’m going to make an attempt to post every day this month.  Ha.  We’ll see.

Baby Care, Brought to You by the Same People Who Wrote the Warning Label on Hairdryers That Says, “Do Not Use in Bathtub”

October 11, 2009

baby care

hat tip: Jack

First Week of School

August 26, 2009

Banner day today:

woke up late?  check!

no clean underwear for anyone?  check!

forgot that my new middle-schooler starts at 7:45am on wednesdays and fridays and didn’t remember until 7:30am while everyone was still in pajamas?  check!

came home from rushing the middle-schooler to school and found the empty bag of BBQ chips that the 9 and 5 year old had clearly eaten for breakfast while i was gone?  check!

we’re off to a great start.