Limerick Discipline

The boys were fooling around during dinner and being generally obnoxious.  Lev started it by repeating some choice limericks he’d heard at school.  It deteriorated rapidly into a contest to see who could come up with the most a) disgusting, b) inappropriate or c) irritating limerick.  They also seemed to be having hearing trouble when we asked them to stop and clean up after themselves.

Here’s the one I sent them in an email after dinner:

there once were 2 boys named Asher and Lev
they never did what their parents said
so on Tuesday night,
even though they put up a fight,
instead of American Idol they went to bed.

Since they check their email as often as I do, it was not surprising that I came downstairs 15 minutes later to a very clean kitchen and neatly organized homework area.  Who knew I’d be using skills I learned in high school for this?  Mrs. Dusenbury would be proud.  Or nauseated, I’m not sure which.


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  1. Meagan Says:

    Lol this is fantastic. What a creative way to remind them of consequences, with the added bonus of a probable revenge annoy.

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