Wow. What is Wrong With This?

This is messed up.  Good Lord.  The child is 4 years old.  Who cares how long his hair is?


3 Responses to “Wow. What is Wrong With This?”

  1. Meagan Says:

    I sort of disagree. Whether it makes sense to have a dresscode regulating hair length is one thing, but this is a question of whether a school district should make an exception because the kid is young. I don’t see how his age is relavent to the rule: if we expect teens and pre-teens to keep to the dress code, why should a 4 year old be given more freedom? His age does not make it more difficult to follow the rule, unless he’s afraid of the barber.

    As you said, who cares how long his hair is? To me, it sounds like his parents are teaching him that individual wants trump community values. If it were a question of religious practice it would be a different story, but this is just a case of a rule that he doesn’t want to follow. Again, whether the rule is a good one is a different question.

  2. phyllis Says:

    {{{sigh}}} I agree. I never quite understand how hair length on boys is relevant. I must disagree wtih Meagan – why is hair for boys allowed to be a dress-code issue? I think that they have the right to specify that it should be clean and not disruptive to others (as in, have lice or be a tall mohawk that might impede other children seeing the the blackboard) but if a girl can have long hair, why can’t a boy?

    I think she’s right – age isn’t the issue here, whether he’s 4 or 15, if his hair isn’t disrupting people, then why does the school feel that it must be cut? And if a girl was suspended for having a buzz cut, what would we say?

  3. Chris Says:

    the problem with the thought process of “not disruptive to others” if that if it isnt specifically called out what is defined by that phrase, people will argue to eternity over what is disruptive and what isnt.

    the school board has the need to set a dress code (all schools i have ever been to have one) and they have been forced by lawsuits, threats of lawsuits or reading about other school boards involved in lawsuits to set up clear black and white rules. i think rules like this come from too many parents refusing to set limits for their children and then being upset when some generalized rule (ie hair must be clean and not appear unkempt) is enforced arbitrarily.

    personally i could care less about whether a boy has long hair or not. that being said, the school policy was out there prior to his enrollment and the parents should have known better. to try to play it off as it they have nothing to do with the hair length is laughable at best. while you can argue that a teenage will do whatever they want, there is no way a parent has no control over the 4yr old. that boy is being punished because his parents are foolish.

    and if the girl with a buzz cut comparison doesnt really work as there are legitimate reasons that your hair would have to be cut that short regardless of rules. but if we assume they had a dress code established that said girls’ hair had to come to their ears, well then the girl had better have her doctor/religious officiator write a letter explaining the necessity of the cut.

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