This is So Sad

This seriously makes me want to cry.  Bless this girl’s parents.



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  1. Edible Torah Says:

    THANK YOU for sharing this. There are already so many comments on the original post that I don’t think my voice over there will matter. But over here I wanted to share that my second daughter left the #1 school in Ohio last year in favor of home schooling herself.

    She was tired of losing a day each week in each class because someone was acting out, or the teacher was distracted, or whatever. She was tired of getting the concept on Monday, but having to wait until Friday because one or two people were holding up the class. She is NOT gifted, just smart and motivated.

    Last year she obtained all the same books as she would have had in school and worked her way through the curriculum at her pace. We had tutors available when she needed something explained.

    Understand that in 8th grade, she was taking 10th grade math (ie: Geometry), 9th grade science, worked her way through grade 8 and 9 grammar/vocabulary and reading, and completed 8th grade social studies. She also studied cooking with a friend who is a chef, had “home economics” by planning and shopping for meals and balancing the household budget, studied two foreign languages and played two instruments and sang in an international choir.

    And had time to spare. And enjoyed herself completely.

    This year she’s enrolled in an online program and loves every minute of it.

    This routine is not for everyone (including, honestly, my oldest child). But I believe our school SYSTEMS are missing the boat in that the emphasis on control and management of the student population is overwhelming the ability to inspire a love of learning, to help children find the joy in discovery, and to allow kids not only to work on skills they don’t do well, but also to identify the skills they DO well, and to grow those skills.

    At a certain point, the child who comes home with a D in math and a B+ in Social Studies needs to be told NOT that they better get that math grade up or they are in trouble, but rather that they need to explore what it is about Social Studies that works well for them and how they can capitalize on that and build it into a repertoire of skills that will serve them in life.

    Oh look. A soapbox. Hey, I can see my house from up here.

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