No, Really, Thanks for Explaining That to the Kids

Overheard at the Caruso house during dinner on the second night of Rosh Hashanah

[Like many women who have given birth vaginally at least once, I sneezed and needed to make a dash to the bathroom.  The kids wondered what happened.]

Kids:  What happened?  Did mommy have to throw up?

Josh: No she just had to run to the bathroom.

Kids: Why?

Josh: She sneezed.

Kids: Huh?

Josh: Well, sometimes, after Mommies have had a few babies they have a hard time holding it when they sneeze, and they have to run to the bathroom so they don’t pee in their pants.

Much hilarity ensued.  Dinner was not recoverable after that.  Thanks hon.


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4 Responses to “No, Really, Thanks for Explaining That to the Kids”

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  2. beanie Says:

    I think paybacks are in order.

  3. phyllis Says:

    no!!!!!!!! he did not!!!!!

  4. surflife Says:

    OK that is so a conversation for the car!

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