Middle School: so NOT the time of our lives

Oh man is my oldest stressed out.  The transition to middle school has not gone smoothly.  He’ll be fine – so fine – but convincing him of this has been futile.  He’s an emotional person to begin with, and has trouble not taking things personally.  We’re working on that.  I think I should have my own TV reality show: Dr. Mom: Non-Licensed Therepist Here’s to Hoping it All Turns Out Ok in the End.


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One Response to “Middle School: so NOT the time of our lives”

  1. beanie Says:

    Gosh; I’m sorry this is not going well for him. Daisy and I had a similar discussion

    Daisy: Mom, one of the girls at school called me a **** and she told all these other girls.

    Mom: Daisy, you’re not a ****. Middle school girls are evil hounds. Seriously. Call them a name back and move on.

    Daisy: Middle school sucks.

    Mom: Middle school sucks beyond all suckage. But you can feel better, knowing that it sucks just as bad for the popular girls. You just have to endure it because I promise you that high school and college rock just as hard as middle school sucks. And I still love you.

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