Why Your Toddler Should (and Can) Do Chores

In response to people I know commenting on the chores my kids do, I thought I’d write a post about why I think chores are an important part of discipline from an early age.  But then I decided I’d like to hear from all of you (all 3 of you) what you think, when and how did you institute chores in your family, etc.


One Response to “Why Your Toddler Should (and Can) Do Chores”

  1. Chris Says:

    my 4yr old is responsible for putting away dishes in the dishwasher and our 2yr old is in charge of feeding the cats. as soon as our kids were old enough to follow simple directions, they were given simple chores. both my wife and I agree that everyone in a family pitches in to their ability, no matter how small or inconsequential the chore may seem.

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