I Live in an Awesome Neighborhood

My oldest, Lev, has been at sleep-away camp for the last 3 weeks.  He has been missed in the neighborhood, and this last week all the kids were bugging me EVERY FREAKING DAY, “Is Lev coming home tomorow?  When is Lev coming home?”  Yesterday, I told everyone that he was coming home Monday.  You’d have thought moshiach was coming (or returning if you’re Christian or Chabad).  Bright and early this morning (before 9am!) a bunch of kids came over with a big sign they had made, “Welcome Home Lev We Missed You Chicken Nugget-head” (inside joke, apparently).  It was so sweet!  He is going to be so happy to see everyone, and they are clearly going to be happy to see him.  We’re going to host a Make-Your-Own-Sundae party tomorrow afternoon for everyone to celebrate.  4pm, my house, if you’re in the ‘hood 😉



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  2. phyllis Says:

    that is so darn cute.

  3. Meagan Says:

    Excellent essay on Freerange, refreshingly even-minded. Even better that you’re a Clevelander! I’ll be following your blog now.

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