Preschool Theology Part III: Momma’s Attempt at Indoctrination

On the way to the car dealer to get a new tire:

Shayna: God made the whole world, right?

Me: Yep, God’s power helped create the world. What made you think of that?

Shayna: I don’t know. I just thinking. I didn’t know He could do it all by Hisself. That’s a big job.

Me: Yep. God is a pretty big power.

Shayna: How’d He do it? Maybe He waved a wand and said “Voila!” and it got made.

Me: I think it happened over time. I don’t think a wand was involved.  How do you know God is a “He?”

Shayna: Um, I don’t know. I guess God could be anything. God could be a cat.

Me: That would be interesting.

Shayna: Or a momma. You do lots of things by yourself and you make us dinner and you love us.

Now that’s a theology I can get behind.


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