Things We Learned in 2006

While I am too swamped to write much, here are some things we learned over Winter Break:

1. If you choose to begin Potty Boot Camp with your toddler, you should remember to buy enough underwear BEFORE you begin.

2. If you take said toddler to the store to buy aforementioned underwear, and allow her to pick it out herself, you may come home with an interesting combination of Hello Kitty, Minnie Mouse and boys’ underwear decorated with “Lightening McQueen” from the movie Cars, because apparently in retail-world girls do not like cars.

3. When you think “Hey! I’ve got a GREAT idea! I’ll get toddler’s older brothers to motivate her to use the bathroom – she wants to do whatever they do!” try to remember that boys stand and girls really don’t. She isn’t going to hit the floating Cheerios they put in the toilet for her, no matter how hard she tries. And try to remember that often, boys’ bathroom games include “Crossing Swords” – perhaps not the best role model for this project.

Good Times 😉


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6 Responses to “Things We Learned in 2006”

  1. Ezzie Says:

    LOL. Okay, so what happened?!

  2. Sheyna Galyan Says:


    Pee and alcohol… aren’t they related somehow? 😉

    Do tell! Love to hear the full story; I need more of your humor!

    I actually have a few tales to tell from seders that ran a wee bit too long before any serious eating commenced, and rather somewhat more than the exodus narrative was shared (not by me – names cannot be shared to protect the ordained innocent).

    And there was that one Simchat Torah… Personally, I think that if one is enough under the influence to not be able to tell the difference between B’reishit and D’varim, one should not be dancing with a sefer Torah. But that’s just me.

    Good to see you writing again! 🙂

  3. Stacey Says:

    My 2.5 year old started preschool today. She was “supposed” to be potty-trained. Her 5 yr. old sister learned in one day, and never had an accident. Not so with #2. She just doesn’t get it. It was impossible to train her while our house was on the market. I didn’t need pee-soiled carpets. We’ve been in the new house a week and I have put her on the potty every hour. Sometimes she’s dry, sometimes she’s not. Ugh.

    So I did send her to preschool today….in a pull-up. I wonder if I’ll get a call to come get her!

  4. val Says:

    Great post… i want more details, though! C’mon… spill woman!

  5. Ezer K. Says:

    Ezzie, Sheyna & Val: I’ll never tell 🙂

    Stacey: Yuk! Sorry it’s taking a while. How was preschool?

  6. cruisin-mom Says:

    ROTFLMAO! nuf said

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